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"Always on Target"

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New Cues

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Soft White
Floating Tune, Alternating Grooves (:30)
The New Deal
Upbeat, Positive energy (:30)
Bright Lights
Positive Energy (:30)
Cartoon Cowboy
Comedy (:30)
A Clear Choice
Dark to Light (:30)
Standing Up For Us
Issue Advocacy (:30)
Big Brother
Prog Rock / Guitar Riffs (:30)
Piano solo, Melodic, Easy-going (:30)
Piano HX2
Machine Cool (:60)
4411 Glide
Glide Groove (:30)
I'm A Charity
Prog Rock / Grinding Guitar Riffs (:30)
Gravity Radio
Radio FX + Fast Percussion (:30)
Debt Crisis
Issue / Attack (:30)
Green Machine
Clean & Green (:30)
Strum 120
Solo guitar then groove (:30)
Kung Fu Monkey
Big Hits (:30)
Being There
Issue Advocacy (:30)
Nylon Beat Box
Beatbox groove with Guitar and Bells (:30)
Boom Ka Chak
see title (:30)
Kalimba One
Snarky Kalimba (:30)
TimeLand Two
Revenge of the TimeLand (:60)
Percussion Y
Dramatic Percussion (:30)
Mashup Percussion Y
Percussive FX with Dramatic Drums (:30)
Blues One
Blues feel (:30)
A New Day
Enya like / Piano Melody (:30)
Listener Man
Aggressive Guitar Rock (:30)
All Ways
Prog Rock / Med Tempo (:30)
Strong Power Rock (:30)
Time For A Change
Alt Rock/Strumming Guitar (:30)
Everywhere I Go
Friendly reggae (:30)
What Do You See ?
Alt Rock meets Fab4 (:30)
Endless Circles
Psychedelic (:60)
Where's Everybody ?
Acoustic Guitar (:60)
Better Days Ahead
Americana/Strong Positive (:30)
Our Town
Friendly Americana(:30)
Dollar Tree
Quirky & casual (:58)
Metal Tank R
Abstract/Dark (:30)
Metal Tank Mashup
Abstract to power chords (:30)