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"Always on Target"

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Exotic / Intriguing

Right-click on the track title to save an 8-bit low-resolution clip to your computer. For production, we will send you a 16bit 44KHz track by email or on CD. iPhone / iPad users please tap the cue name to use QuickTime player.

Into the Clouds Ver A
Dreamy Soundscape/Rolling Bass (:30)
Into the Clouds Ver B
Above/Alternate Piano Melody (:30)
Kalimba Man
Kalimba with Full Bass (:30)
Piano HX2
Machine Cool (:60)
Double O Surf
60's Spyvibe/Surfstyle (:60)
4411 Glide
Glide Groove (:30)
A New Day
Enya like / Piano Melody (:30)
Moodypiano/Hip Hop Groove (:30)
Mr. Cool
60's Spyvibe/Loungy (:30)
Sky Blue Pink
Piano Solo/Moody and Broody (:60)
Jungle 30
Night Voices (:30)
High Plains Mirage
Lonely Piano/Breathy Voices (:60)
Above It All
Slow Moving Colors/Full Mix (:30)
Above It All
Above/No Guitar (:30)
Above It All
Above/Underscore Only (:30)