Red Dart Music
"Always on Target"

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Fairport NY 14450
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Right-click on the track title to save an 8-bit low-resolution clip to your computer. For production, we will send you a 16bit 44KHz track by email or on CD. iPhone / iPad users please tap the cue name to use QuickTime player.

Metal 30
Easy Listening (:30)
Listener Man
Aggressive Guitar Rock (:30)
Gravity Radio
Radio FX + Fast Percussion (:30)
All Ways
Prog Rock / Med Tempo (:30)
Percussion Y
Dramatic Percussion(:30)
Mashup Percussion Y
Percussive FX with Dramatic Drums(:30)
Big Brother
Prog Rock / Guitar Riffs (:30)
Synthy Riffs (:30)
I'm A Charity
Prog Rock / Grinding Guitar Riffs (:30)
Surfin Rampage 30
A Rampage of Surf (:30)
Surfin Rampage 60
Twice the Rampage (:60)
Manic Beach
Beach Party Mania/ Up Temp (:30)
Strong Power Rock (:30)
90's Thrill Ride
Upbeat Soundscape (:30)
Bright Lights, Big City (:30)
Teen Angst
Guitars, Drums, Punks (:30)